Ancient Olympia


The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia is one of the most celebrated sanctuaries of ancient Greece. The birthplace of the original Olympic Games, which were held here every four years beginning in 776 B.C. — is also the most important center for the worship of Zeus. The epicentre of Sacred Truce – Olympia was and remains to be the place that values competition which since antiquity had been ruled by harmony. Over the years the thousands of visitors who flocked to this part of the Peloponnese, mainly came to Olympia to admire the famed Archaeological site and museum, yet there are plenty of other unique activities which the surrounding area offers. Thanks to the local licensed guide and passionate co-founder of the Travel Insiders, Elena Aggeli – we discovered a number of reasons to explore beyond ancient Olympia. 6 Reasons to Explore Beyond Ancient Olympia with Travel Insiders 1. Visit…