There is no shortage of islands to visit in Greece, but for those who are looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a quality and safe Greek island experience, Andros is the perfect answer. Ideally located in Cyclades Archipelago, Andros is a short two-hour ferry ride from the Port of Rafina (Athens). This charming Greek island offers a fantastic blend of the famous Cycladic minimalistic architecture, neoclassical nobility, and unparalleled natural beauty. We give you our top reasons to visit Andros. 1. A Fantastic Hiking Destination (Voted as the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe) If you’ve been to other Cyclades islands, you would have noticed how dry and barren these islands are, however, what is most surprising about Andros is its greenery and its remarkable natural environment. In fact, it is the greenest of all the Cyclades. The island’s natural terrain boats a dramatic coastline, enriched by distinctive…