Greek wine


Greece is a fantastic destination for oenophiles. Although Greece’s generous soil is excellent for many international grape varieties, one of the most delightful things about Greek wines is the great variety of indigenous Greek grapes to explore. Moreover, many of these grape varieties are ancient, providing a rare opportunity to sip Greece’s fascinating and delicious past. Here are some Greek white wine varieties you may enjoy getting to know. Greek White Wine Varieties Aidani Aspro Aspro means “white,” and although the Aidani grape is often white, there is also an Aidani Mavro (black) that is also vinted. Aidani is a low sugar grape that contributes nuanced floral notes to many blends. This grape grows well in the Greek islands, particularly Santorini, and Rhodes. In Santorini, it’s often blended with Assyrtiko, and is one of the grapes that is used in the production of the PDO Santorini dessert wine, Vinsanto. Assyrtiko…