Kasos, one of the remotest, wildest and unpretentious islands in the Dodecanese, is found in the southernmost corner of the Aegean Sea. Located just to the east of Crete and southwest of Karpathos, Kasos island is the perfect escape for those wishing to experience a truly authentic side of Greece. Its remarkably raw and barren landscape may not seem inviting at first, yet it serves as a solid reminder of the island’s turbulent past, — keeping the island’s history alive in every stone, left untouched. Old port of Boukas The high spirits of the Kasiots and their heartfelt hospitality will surely make you feel right at home in this tiny paradise dotted with elegant churches, pristine beaches, delightful cuisine and renowned festivals. Kasos may be somewhat far from the typical route one will take, but if you allow yourself to take a road less traveled, you will surely be glad…