Menalon Trail


Hiking the Menalon Trail is one of the most exciting activities one can embark on when visiting the Arcadia region in central Peloponnese. The first certified trail in Greece by ERA (European Ramblers Association), promises nature lovers a truly rewarding experience. Hiking the Menalon Trail with Vitina Trekking Hiking in Greece is an unforgettable experience, from the terrain to the fauna and flora, this country is most certainly blessed with breathtaking scenery. In the beginning of July, we set out to explore Arcadia, although I highly recommend that you opt for hiking the Menalon Trail during the cooler months — despite the scorching heat of summer I greatly enjoyed our two day outdoor experience with Vitina Trekking. During our initial contact Lambros asked all the right questions to determine our level of experience and stamina prior to planning out the route. The Menalon Trail stretches along 75 kilometres passing through…