The picturesque mountain village of Metsovo is one of Epirus’ best kept secrets. Offering bountiful experiences to its visitors, this all year round destination is often called the Switzerland of Greece. From spectacular natural beauty, to authentic traditional character, ski-slopes and wine culture, Metsovo and its inhabitants will charm you with its tasteful charm. Here are our reasons to visit Metsovo, Greece. 7 reasons to visit Metsovo in Greece Wonderful Museums The divinely preserved traditional character of Metsovo must be attributed to the wonderful locals who have a great passion for their age-old history. In the heart of Metsovo there are two spectacular museums, the Averoff Museum of Neohellenic Art and the Folk Art Museum. Both museums have been established by a prominent figure in the history and development of Metsovo, Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza who was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1956 to 1963. A man of great wisdom and intellect he…