Peloponnese Food Stories


Instead of visiting the famous Greek islands that everyone’s already talking about, follow the road less travelled and take a trip back in time to the Peloponnese peninsula. Here you are bound to find many small towns full of history, culture and fascinating people to meet. One such fine example is the quaint little town of Tolos dotted with old-school family-run tavernas that line the sandy shore hugged by the warm waters of the Argolic Gulf. Many of the town’s buildings are still intact from the 1960s – reminiscing the era of the first tourist arrivals in the area and the sun-drenched summers of the Mediterranean. Recounting the memories of our first visit to this delightful town, full of character, two years later we again find ourselves in Tolo, – this time however to attend the 4th stop of the Peloponnese Food Stories Festival which promises to be an annual…