Santorini has wines with as much character as the island itself. This is one of the most beautiful geological wonders of the earth. The volcano responsible for its extraordinary terrain has also given the island its unique soil. The vines of Santorini grow in an unusually porous, dry, and mineral rich earth. This gives the wines a unique character: when we speak of terroir, the wines of Santorini have quite a story to tell. Santorini Wineries You Must Visit Not every grape thrives in such unusual conditions, and this is also part of the magic of Santorini’s wines – the grapes themselves. Santorini has several indigenous grape varieties. In white grape varieties, there are the Aidani, Athiri, and Assyrtiko. In reds, there is the Mavrotragano and the Mandalieria. But if someone knows just one Santorini grape, it’s bound to be the Assyrtiko – the most popular. This grape produces a…